Confederation Generation

Facility: Black Creek Pioneer Village
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Program Levels:
Grade 6, Grade 8
Course Types:
Afternoon, Day Visit, Morning

Students, in small groups, “become” a young person in the 1850s. By jointly making decisions, students make life choices for their character and follow his/her progress as s/he grows into adulthood on the eve of Confederation. Moving through the Village, they will make choices based on real life issues addressed by young people in the mid-19th century and informed by the gender, family status, and ethnicity of the character. Brought together at the completion of the program, the students will reflect on the choices available to young people in 1867 and compare them with those open to them today.

Curriclum Links: Social Studies: Communities in Canada, Past and Present (grade 6) Creating Canada, 1850-1890 (grade 8)